Shadrok Global Business Services helps organizations confront complex business challenges head-on. Especially in today’s fast-paced economy and society, a plan of action must be specific and measurable but also designed for agility to respond to changes as needed. 

Our experts provide such solutions for organizations in:


Health and Benefits

We help health benefit plan sponsors better manage to spend, maintain the integrity of their core offerings, meet the needs of their varied employee populations and manage the plan’s impact on business performance and financial results.

Global Benefits

We coordinate and deploy truly global benefit packages that drive centralized benefits efficiency and locally manage the vital tactical issues that impact regional benefit design.


Our retirement consultants and actuaries balance the potential and risks of retirement benefit programs; manage adverse outcomes through financial, fiduciary, and operational risk management; and better enable employers to help their workforce prepare for retirement.

Investment Consulting

We offer investment advice to manage the cost, risk, governance, and fiduciary operations of qualified retirement programs on an advisory, d

Communications Strategy

The communications strategy is an internal document that is actionable and aligned with business goals, vision & values. Digital marketing and social media plans are nested strategies to support the communications goals.  documents

Available services include the development of supporting documents to the communication strategy; such as training manuals, policies, & procedures. discretionary or ongoing management basis.

Communications Consulting

We help clients balance employee and shareholder interests, achieve business objectives, and attract and retain key employees using market compensation and executive reward strategies. Offering senior-level the expertise and support needed to assist business owners and communications teams develop their communications strategies throughout the various stages – research, planning, implementation, management, industrial relations, labor laws and evaluation.  Facilitating disciplinary hearings and appeals. We use a proven strategic planning process and a communication design to engage, educate and empower targeted audiences to take the actions and change the behaviors that will benefit them as individuals and improve organizational productivity.

Training Workshops, Talent, & Organization

Providing services to facilitate stakeholder workshops to build engagement and collect information that supports various stages of the strategic communications process.  Employee skill development training is available in a workshop format, including supporting materials.  Graphic facilitation services available. We offer talent solutions that help you manage the recruitment, selection, engagement and potential of critical talent, executives and next-generation leaders while minimizing the retention and compliance risk of a global workforce. 

Mergers & Acquisitions Solutions

Our expert’s counsel companies undergoing a corporate transition to effectively assess and structure leadership teams, address organizational and workforce effectiveness and optimize human resource program transition, efficacy and impact.

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