Changes in processes, systems, and technology require that jobs be structured and performed differently. To enable and sustain lasting change, rigorous attention to a formal change management effort is integral to any significant project a company undertakes.

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If your company needs to be equipped to drive and sustain change through these key services, then Shadrok Global Solutions has the team and the resources to help you. Please watch this short informative video we have put together for you to get a better understanding of  WHAT IS CHANGE MANAGEMENT?

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Organization Risk and Readiness A diagnosis is conducted that assesses an organization’s risks in dealing with large-scale change. The diagnosis incorporates key elements of a sound change management strategy, including culture transformation, executive sponsorship, organization design factors and workforce implications.

Stakeholder Management and Strategic Communication – Identification of key influences and the design and execution of a systemic approach to communication that increases awareness, buy-in, and ownership of the desired change.

Small-Medium Size Business Owners

Progressive private industry business leaders seek a holistic approach that includes marketing, public relations, and internal communications to improve reputation, efficiencies, employee retention, revenue, and market share.

Business Professionals

Independent business professionals like SGS often focus on developing their personal brand and promote their services we can do the same for you.

Local Government

Communications strategies inform the communications of the internal communications team, project managers, town employees, and area representatives with the purpose of informing the local public of pertinent information needed to live well in their communities. Engaging with key stakeholders is important when building relationships that are important to creating a positive dynamic in our communities.

Not-for-Profit & Charities

Many not-for-profits and charities use fundraising and marketing plans as their key communications plan. With the rapid changeover of leadership and supporting roles that many volunteer-based organizations face, having a clear, concise communications plan is important. It includes actionable items, specified timelines, and a focus on vision and values.  This helps with succession planning and successful implementation of initiatives.

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Workforce Transition – Job impact analyses are conducted, and targeted workforce transition programs are designed so that the full life cycle of the change process is supported. We help you equip people significantly affected by the change in new roles, implement processes to support them, and coordinate integration of talent management and training to prepare them for success in the new environment.

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