Managing Payroll. Ministry of Labour Compliance. Vacation Tracking. 

Recruiting and Retaining Employees.

Managing your company’s HR responsibilities takes a lot of time. But you didn’t start your business to become an HR expert. And that’s exactly why you should outsource your HR functions to a company like SGS.


How Does SGS Benefit My Business?

  • Save time – we focus on the details
  • Save money – we help protect you from non-compliance issues
  • Grow your business – you keep your focus on increasing revenue and profit
  • Retain control – you keep full control over your employees

Which HR Services Can I Outsource to SGS?

We do it all.

  • HR audits
  • All government compliance
  • Employee training and recruitment
  • Record keeping and more

You’ll get access to an all-inclusive HR portal so you can measure, track, and review critical documents anytime, anywhere including:

  • Employee reviews
  • Job descriptions
  • PTO requests
  • Employee handbooks
  • Company communication, and more.

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Learn more today about how outsourcing HR with SGS can make your business simpler, safer, and stronger.

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