Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

Portfolio, Program and Project Management  is comprised of three separate but interlinked management disciplines:

  1. Portfolio Management
  2. Program Management
  3. Project Management

When used together, they align resources and activities to meet organizational objectives and strategies while helping to maximize portfolio potential and reduce risk.

SGS can assist clients in any phase of a program or project’s life cycle, so that they can run optimally, on time, on a budget, and with intended goals met.

An advantage of an SGS ran project and organizations include accelerated access to better data coming from governed projects and programs. Further, timely access to better data means issues and risks can be identified and mitigated earlier in the process, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful delivery.

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Shadrok Global Solutions help the realization of business values sooner, as a great focus is placed on meeting business requirements and leveraging technology. Other potential benefits  include:

  • Increased value creation and the likelihood of success with guidance that helps establish consistency, transparency, and control
  • Establishment of a comprehensive skill set to enable practitioner training and education based on standardized, scalable and accessible guidance
  • Improved program and project delivery to help ensure leadership goals and objectives are met while reducing risk to the enterprise
  • Decreased cost and time overruns
  • Provision of a structured capital planning process

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